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"Working with Lee was a complete pleasure.  She is very organized and came well-prepared for our session which went smoother than I could have hoped!  She did a fabulous job on our little documentary for which I have received numerous compliments.  Lee's video work was the beginning of Street Feet's media exposure.  I now have an online community of like-minded people and health care workers that see the value of the work I do and support the goals of this project tremendously.'"

-Laura Roehrick, Founder of Street Feet

"Working with Lee Foster and Taproot Media has been a great experience. Not only is the video and audio quality exceptional but the process is a delight. I’ve worked with many film crews over the years and I have found that my best work is done when I feel relaxed and inspired. I find Lee always gets the best out of her subjects by facilitating a comfortable and magical space for the world to shine during her filming sessions. She always gets the best out me!  The editing process is always smooth and the final product high-quality and powerful. Thank you Lee for all the amazing work you’ve done with us! Can’t wait for the next project!”

-Erik Ohlsen, Executive Director of the Permaculture Skills Center


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