"Storytelling is the oldest form of education." 

-Terry Tempest Williams



Every vision begins as a story.  


My name is Lee Foster and I began Taproot Media to support the solution-oriented voices of today's world.  Taproot Media is an audio/visual business, working to increase the representation of organizations, entrepreneurs and individuals engaged within the wider scope of biodiversity, land regeneration and community/personal health.  I create content media, short documentaries and educational videos that meet the needs of my clients.  

Because Stories Have Impact: Taproot Media grew out of a desire to amplify voices actively working to honor, shift and transform culture.  I use media to support the creation of a new paradigm whereby culture supports sustainable, life-affirming practices that respect the history and lineages that brought us here.  With an educational background in International Relations and Cultural Anthropology, I began my work as a photographer over 20 years ago after recognizing how powerful imagery could be utilized as a tool for activism. Through my photographic exhibits, I've raised funds, built audiences, and brought awareness to projects doing vital work in their communities.  With the unfolding of each project, I've had the opportunity to grow my unique and strong skillset in professional interviewing, photo editing and videography.  My desire to listen, support and represent voices of the people and projects I have come to know has been one of my greatest life gifts. 

On video production:  With the fast progression of technology, the accessibility of high quality video production is becoming increasingly available to people of all walks of life. My work is to use creativity and strategy within the landscape of technology to further your message.  From directing to editing to post-production, I work as a solo videographer on small to medium projects, making it possible to pass along larger discounts to my clients. My role as a collaborator is someone to help you strategize on how best to give voice to your story—stories ready for a wider audience. My work as a media-creator is one that offers unique imagery and engaging audio to support your message. 

My clients:  Today, more than ever, I recognize the power and honor behind working with clients so that their message is heard in an impactful way.  I work with individuals, businesses, and organizations that value and honor reciprocal relationships with nature, one another and the world-wide community.  I support a positive, solution-oriented film/media industry that lifts up women, LGBTQIA folx and communities of Color and feel honored for any opportunities to extend my work to amplify the voices of these individuals/communities.



Lee Foster

Equipment: Sony A7iii, Canon 60D, Canon Lens Kit, Tamron Lens, Tascam 10-L and 10-5, Rode Video Mic, iPhone XS

Skillset: Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Professional Interviewing, Editing, Podcasting, Short Documentary, Photojournalism, Videojournalism, Educational Videos, Online Classes

It is our responsibility to tell the stories that lift the trajectory of the earth, give us a myth and map to step into, a place to be inspired, a place to rest and come to understand where we have come from and where we are headed.







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